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About Social Raze!

Social Raze is an Information Website or Blog mainly producing content related to Social Media, Tech, Biography, Reviews, Education, News and more. It is an initiative by Entr. Subham Sahoo (Digital Tech Entrepreneur), build to provide free information to the general public.

About Social Raze Study!

Social Raze believes in the Ideology of Quality over Quantity! There is a quote “Knowledge shared is knowledge squared.” and is true for all. If we share something, we master it and so we launched our Educational Question & Answer platform “Social Raze Study“. Ask your doubts related to any educational subject and get answers. Also, answer others questions and earn points!

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Thanks for the purchase. All the Best to Social Raze for their New Upcoming Projects! Go Ahead...!!

Kripesh Adwani Technophile

Information to Learning. Digital Revolution is our present. Can't wait to see what's coming up next! Awesome Information!

IncomeIdeaz.com Website

Great Solution for Interactive learning through Question & Answer (QNA). Study is more fun & competitive with Points and User Level System!

Arpit Nayak Class 10 Student


    These are some Frequently Asked Questions!

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    Social Raze is a Group of Websites. It consists of Social, Information, E-Commerce and Education Website.

    It is a part of Social Raze Group. It is mainly a Educational Question and Answer Website for CBSE Students.

    Just Checkout our Contact Us Page to know more. Or Directly Click here to email us – socialrazeblog@gmail.com

    We do not allow anyone to copy full parts of our blog. If you want to reuse any part of our content. Please First, Contact Us. Use of our content without permission will lead to DMCA Takedown.

    If your content has been copied without permission from any of our authors. Firstly, please contact us or Email us for the removal. DMCA Takedown without Contact will result in Bot Attack on your website.

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    Starting from 3K rupees (depends on number of pages, widget, design, premium images, etc.

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