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You are not allowed to copy any material used on the Website. Even, Fair-use is not permitted.

We have the right to terminate your account in case of fraudulent activity done by you.

You must use the website only for buying of goods & services listed on the service page.

The services listed on our website is not directly produced, made, given, sold to you by Social Raze (its owners or partners). So, we are not responsible for the sale of any unauthorized product/service on our website. It is the sole responsibility of the customer as well as the real owner of the product/service to contact us for the removal of the service/product from our website.

Social Raze acts as a medium through which buyers and sellers meet (not in way of communication, but through the product or service purchased/sold).

You are always welcome and free to share this website with your Friends, family, clients and those who will find ot helpful.

For Payment, you must contact Admin at [email protected].

The services sold on Social Raze SMM (socialraze.com/smm) does not have any direct dependency, relation or association with the Content presented in Social Raze (socialraze.com)

However, Social Raze SMM is a part of the Social Raze - Group of Websites.

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